Join us for a day of family fun as we explore different ways to create new worlds! Journey to the galleries to experience the Mediatheque’s newest interactive installation, Building Worlds, or immerse yourself in a new story with Books and Looks. Working together with other community members and families, build a collective “map” in our theater. Using inspiration from Firelei Báez‘s paintings on maps and historical documents, create artwork that transforms a place you might know into an entirely new world. All activities are drop-in, first come first served, space is limited. Reserve free admission tickets online in advance (tickets will be available the second week of the month prior).*

*On Saturday, May 25th, museum admission is FREE for families when accompanied by kids ages 12 and under, with up to 2 adults per family. Tickets must be reserved online in advance. Use the code PLAYDATE when reserving your ticket(s). Advance tickets are strongly recommended; day-of tickets are not guaranteed.

Make + Map: Painting New Worlds | 10 AM–3 PM

1st Floor, Bank of America Art Lab 

Inspired by Firelei Báez’s paintings atop maps and historical documents, come draw, paint, and build your own worlds on pre-printed maps. Work outside the traditional lines of streets, borders, and landforms to create new maps of a world you want to see. Artmaking is drop-in, first come first served, and space is limited.

Collective Cartography | 11 AM–2 PM

2nd Floor, Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theater 

Creating a new place takes community and collaboration! Build a map of a collectively-imagine world with other families. Add or move around the roads, landscapes, buildings, and other terrain using soft materials, and see how the map changes throughout the day. See how your world fits with other people’s ideas and experience the fun of artwork made together.

Books + Looks | 11:30 AM + 12:30 PM

4th Floor, Galleries

Join us for a staff-led reading of family-friendly storybooks and see different ways authors use illustrations and writing to create totally new literary worlds!

Building Worlds | 10 AM–5 PM

4th Floor, Poss Family Mediatheque

Explore the newest Mediatheque installation, Building Worlds! Using magnets of various terrains, foliage, and creatures, build a microcosm of a world inspired by Wu Tsang: Of Whales and Firelei Báez. Contribute to another guest’s world or create your own and leave it for someone else to enjoy!

Free Admission for Youth

Youth 18 and under always receive FREE museum admission. The ICA is committed to providing access to the art and artists of our time—and we do this with the incredible support of our community. Explore the +1 Membership: a free ICA membership program for youth 0-18.

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