Australian singer-songwriter RY X creates songs that are intimate, intuitive, and devotional with lush melodies and raw, emotional lyrics. At the ICA, he will perform in support of his full-length debut Dawn, released earlier this year. RY X is part of the electronic/house-influenced Howling along with musician Frank Wiedemann, and is a member of the band The Acid with DJ Adam Freeland and composer Steve Nalepa. 

Cambridge-based musician Russell Glynn performs an opening set. His latest release, ‘Examples Of’, is the homespun result of freewheeling experimentation and careful tinkering. True to his lineage in makeshift home recording, Russell’s work is driven by improvisation and sonic spontaneity. Russell starts by building a barebones structure using guitar, violin, and tape-loops, then hits record and allows layers to crystallize naturally. Field recordings further expand the aural atmosphere, with snippets suggesting the sound of distant winds, muddled conversation, and far-off chimes. 

First Republic Bank is proud to sponsor the ICA’s 2016–17 Performance Season.

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