The internet is a wave of visual information. Users encounter countless images with every browser click and smartphone swipe. And all of that information is stored in the seemingly infinite space of “the cloud.” But what does the cloud sound like?

Renowned composers Neil Leonard, Stephen Vitiello, and Scanner explore that question in a unique concert of live and electronic music. Through live improvisation, the musicians imagine the sound world of the cloud, as an evolving receptacle of sonic histories, memories, and possibilities. Drawing inspiration and source material from an array of historic and current sounds associated with the internet, the musicians weave an immersive sonic collage, combining forgotten early digital sounds, the aural cues of the dial-up era, and the inescapable audio of our present moment. Conceiving the piece as an aural cartography, the musicians explore the auditory influence of the internet and inventively speculate how it may sound in the future.

Presented with the Berklee College of Music Interdisciplinary Arts Institute, in conjunction with Art in the Age of the Internet, 1989 to Today.