Join fellow supporters and Jeffrey De Blois, Assistant Curator and Publications Manager, for a private virtual studio visit with Raúl de Nieves, New York–based interdisciplinary artist, performer, and musician.

The artist’s multifaceted practice ranges from stained-glass-style narrative paintings to animated performances, to densely adorned figurative sculptures encrusted with bangles, beads, bells, sequins, and other homespun materials. These opulent, joyful sculptures reference traditional costumes in Mexican culture and modes of dress from drag, ballroom, and queer club cultures, while also evoking religious processional attire and the outfits worn by circus performers. All of his works share a distinctive visual language that draws from Mexican craft traditions, religious iconography, mythology, and folktales to explore the transformational possibilities of adornment and the mutability of sexuality and identity. 

Please contact to RSVP for details and access to the virtual event.

For Director’s Circle + members


Raúl de Nieves: The Treasure House of Memory is organized by Jeffrey De Blois, Assistant Curator and Publications Manager.

Support for Raúl de Nieves: The Treasure House of Memory is generously provided by First Republic Bank.


Additional support is generously provided by Steve Corkin and Dan Maddalena and Charles and Fran Rodgers.