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#PrideExtended is a reclamation of the TLGBQ+ movement, honoring Black trans and non-binary ancestors, and the experiences of this community today. The initiative centers the well-being and security of Black trans and non-binary people, 24/7, 365. Not just in June.

Join us as we launch this year’s #PrideExtended Fest, highlighting Black trans and non-binary talents with special film screenings and artist spotlights, leading up to a live, virtual concert performance.

Film screenings
Premiere Fri, Jun 4, 7 PM

#PrideExtended FEST kicks off at virtual ICA First Fridays with a series of film screenings.

Written, starring, and directed by Miss Mojo, a Black trans artist from New York City

So often, the message of being Black, trans, and a woman, is based on how real you are. Realness is not only a ballroom category; it is a way of life that affords safety to many Black trans women. Being able to “pass” in society is essentially life or death for many within the community. This short film was made to highlight the reality of realness and the joy and pain that comes with it. As we close out this season, I ask you to honor Black trans women, as our fighting and resilience are the reasons we have Pride today!
Written and directed by #PrideExtended founder Mercedes Loving-Manley

The first video ever created for the Mutual Aid initiative, this film is a call to the world to honor Black trans women as the foundation of LGBTQ+ movement. Featuring ballroom archivist Noelle Deleon and Dykee Gorrell, historian and PhD student at the University of Washington.

The World and Then Some (#PE cut)
Written and directed by Mercedes Loving-Manley

City living can mean a lot. Find out what it means for Nyah, Jacobi, and Mercedes, three Black queer and/or trans youth born and raised in and around Boston. Narrated by Mercedes through spoken word. A coming-of-self film.

Artist Spotlights
Premiere throughout June

Throughout June, check out artist profiles highlighting the work of local Black and trans artists. Released via the ICA’s Instagram TV. Tune in

June 9

JACOBI, entrepreneur, event planner

A look at Jacobi’s process planning an event + interview

Jacobi (he/him) currently resides in Brockton, MA. He is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology. Jacobi enjoys cooking, shopping, traveling, and being at peace. Since childhood, Jacobi has had a knack for curating events; he brings these passions and more to his work as the founder of his very own event curatorial service, ‘JDW Planning’. Take a look at some of the beautiful moments created by the entrepreneur on Instagram at: @JDWPlanning.

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June 14

NASIR, painter, designer

Time lapse footage of the creation of a piece by Nasir, plus an interview with the artist.

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June 23

UNBOUND BODIES, Black queer collective, community organization

An inside look at the work of UBB and their forthcoming project, “Roots and Futures.”

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June 30

DIGGITY DOM, entrepreneur, musician

A look inside the brand of Diggity Dom.

Dominic “Diggity Dom” Glaude is a producer, audio engineer, drummer, and educator. He is passionate about supporting his community through his art and outreach work. Diggity Dom also uses his company, Diggity Dom Entertainment LLC, to help people through music and media. Check out more at and subscribe to his YouTube channel for his latest videos.

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Letter from the Founder

A glamour head shot of an African-American femme person with red and black braids, posing with their hands in front of a pink backdrop.

When I first tweeted #prideextended, I had no clue the journey I would embark upon. The past year has been filled with endless lows paired with beautiful highs—$900 and counting redistributed to individuals from money contributed by various donors. This money has gone towards healthcare funds, housing, and transportation. As we approach the one-year birthday of this initiative, it is imperative that we understand the need for work that tangibly invests into Black trans and nonbinary people. The war against Black trans and nonbinary people, especially Black trans women, is still happening. 2021 has been the deadliest year for transgender people, and excruciatingly hard for Black transgender women. According to the National Black Justice Coalition, by February 2021, this year had already been deemed the deadliest, with most of the murders being of Black trans women.

It has been quite a whirlwind witnessing this initiative slowly bloom into more and more each day. My hope for the future of #PrideExtended is more culturally relevant programming that centers the joy and needs of Black trans and nonbinary people. It’s time to gather with one another as we advocate for ourselves. It has been revealed to us, time and time again, that our betterment and well-being is rooted in self- love, self -awareness, and most of all, self- advocacy.

I believe this work will continue because it has taken place throughout every generation.

I believe this work will continue because I am hopeful that generations after me will choose to fight.

In the name of Marsha P. Johnson. In the name of Sylvia Rivera. In the name of Jahaira DeAlto.

With love and deepest appreciation,




#PrideExtended Fest Concert

Fri, Jul 2

#PrideExtended Fest cumulates in a live, virtual performance by great Black trans and non-binary talents. Stream live at The ARTery at WBUR

#PRIDEEXTENDED FEST would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston and WBUR, and support from New England Foundation for the Arts, Boston Center for the Arts, and Print Ain’t Dead.