Join Boston-based interdisciplinary artists Jenna PollackSue Murad, and Frederick Moss for a short film project exploring the relationship between land and time, manifested through cycles of labor and leisure. Prompted to respond to the ICA’s exhibition i’m yours: Encounter with Art in Our Times, the piece reflects themes presented in the “Unbound” section of the exhibition related to unbounded stories of land, history, and the body. ​

Learn more about the grouping of artworks that inspired this month’s First Friday! Watch this gallery talk with Curatorial Assistant Anni Pullagura, who discusses the “Unbound” section of i’m yours: Encounters with Art in Our TimesWatch here

This video contains instrumental music throughout with no verbal dialogue. There is peaceful, ambient music throughout, with occasional field sounds such as crunching gravel and footsteps. Because of this, there is no captioning. Are there other access accommodations that would be useful to help you fully participate in this program?  Let us know at

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