Learn, play, and create in this beginner-friendly, drop-in watercolor class. Relax by the Boston harbor and let the colors of your environment inspire you. With the guidance of Boston-based watercolor artist Lisa Goren, participants will be encouraged to get messy, embrace mistakes, and create something uniquely their own.  

While all experience levels are welcome, this workshop is designed for adults. Supplies are limited; first come, first served.  

This series has been organized to accompany the exhibition— Firelei Báez. Báez’s exuberant, colorful artworks contain intricate motifs, ornamentation, and stylized forms that intertwine with symbols stemming from Afro-Caribbean cultures.  

About the Instructor

Lisa Goren was born in California, raised in New York City, and has been working out of Boston, Massachusetts, for the past 25 years. Her watercolors show unfamiliar polar landscapes in a new light. By using vibrant colors and taking risks with different surfaces, she makes the viewer reevaluate their understanding of these landscapes and their beliefs in the potential of the medium. Her works raise questions about the nature of abstraction and our planet, as many of her pieces are representations of unfamiliar, threatened terrains. 

Lisa is Vice-President of the National Association of Women Artists (Massachusetts Chapter). Her place on the 2013 Arctic Circle Residency was chronicled in an article she wrote for the New York Times and led her to the next phase of her Polar work. She had two pieces in Gaia – Les femmes et l’ecologie in Paris to coincide with the COP21 Climate talks. She recently completed a 2-week residency in Iceland and is currently working on paintings inspired by that landscape.