Delve into the living culture of the Taíno Peoples with members of the Higuayagua Taíno community of the Caribbean. Explore the rich history of the Taíno, which has been present since time immemorial and continues to resonate in the Caribbean and beyond. This interactive session is presented in collaboration with the Community Healing Center and is open to both English and Spanish speakers. 

This event has been organized to accompany the ICA Watershed exhibition—Hew Locke: The Procession. Poetic and powerful, the installation draws on the metaphor of the voyage to, in the artist’s words, “reflect on the cycles of history, and the ebb and flow of cultures, people, finance, and power.” 

Find directions on how to get to the Watershed here.

Hew Locke: The Procession was originally commissioned by Tate Britain for its 2022 Tate Britain Commission. The ICA Watershed presentation is organized by Ruth Erickson, Barbara Lee Chief Curator and Director of Curatorial Affairs, and Anni A. Pullagura, Consulting Assistant Curator, in collaboration with Tate.

Support for Hew Locke: The Procession is provided by David Feinberg and Marina Kalb, and an anonymous donor.

ICA Watershed programs are supported by Eastern Bank.

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