Take a journey through the eyes of teen artists from the ICA’s nationally recognized teen programs.

This installation features new works made by Boston-area teens in the ICA’s nationally recognized Teen Programs. Throughout the school year, participants in the museum’s rigorous digital photography courses learned to use museum-issued cameras, and established positive relationships with peers and the professional artists and educators who led the classes. Several of the teen artists featured here also earned high school credit from Boston Public Schools (BPS)—a collaborative initiative that redefines learning in the 21st century. 

This selection of photographs by sixteen artists was first presented at an ICA Teen Night in an exhibition titled Polarized Sunset. Polarization in photography allows the artist to manipulate the balance of light in an image, to various effects. The photographs take viewers on a journey through the eyes of Boston teens. These images represent lightness and darkness, movement and stillness, emptiness and abundance.  

For more information on ICA Teen Programs, please visit icateens.org.