Jerry Beck, the fifth artist-in-residence at Boston National Park, is creating a new outdoor exhibition at the Charlestown Navy Yard entitled The Secret Ark of Icon Park. Situated among historic ships like the USS Constitution, Beck’s work addresses our country’s critical loss of innocence since September 11, 2001, and the ensuing course of world events. Using humor and insight to address the issues that face a country at war, Beck presents the fantasy voyage of the Ark as a playful, yet poignant commentary on the world around us. The Secret Ark of Icon Park is a unique interactive environment for viewers to explore. A freestanding structure constructed with industrial and military materials, some culled from the Navy Yard itself, it comprises sculptural elements and vignettes, such as captain’s quarters, crew mate bunks, oars, a helm, sails, anchor, and a living garden. The work references a wide range of influences and themes, including the biblical story of Noah and American carnivals and arcades.