South Korea–born artist Haegue Yang has transformed the Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Art Wall with a new, site-specific installation titled Multiple Mourning Room: Mirrored. Made in collaboration with graphic designer Manuel Raeder, the installation covers the Art Wall with a large-scale, manipulated photograph of an Asian cityscape. This enormous digital wallpaper features images of Yang’s sculpture and collages, bonsai trees, and Shinto grave markers as well as a three-dimensional sculptures.

The mingling images generate a virtual space, a mysterious floating world that our eye, nonetheless, calculates as entirely plausible. Such virtual, illogical spaces signal for Yang the separation of identity and place so prevalent in our increasingly transient and global world. The title, Multiple Mourning Room, is an allusion to the multi-faith prayer rooms located in airports, and serves to highlight the abundant hours travelers spend idling in airports, the quintessential transient space of our age.