An extraordinary installation encompassing 193 polyurethane sculptures and four video projections, A World of Glass responds to the transparency, fragility, and vulnerability of the world.

Swedish artist Nathalie Djurberg and Swedish composer Hans Berg continue their exploration of the complexities of the human condition in the videos by placing a cast of handcrafted characters in seemingly playful situations that inevitably turn sinister and often violent. The works address themes of sexual discovery, desire, and suffering that expose the fragile and precarious nature of humanity. This fragility is reflected in the polyurethane sculptures, which also make appearances in each video. Cast from household objects Djurberg assembled in a Frankenstein-like manner, the sculptures explore the border between the beautiful and the monstrous.

At the ICA, the four tables of sculptures and four videos will be installed together in the Paul and Catherine Buttenwieser Gallery to create a fully immersive, sensorial environment of glowing polyurethane, tinkling glass, and vibrant video projections. The exhibition will be accompanied by a brochure that will include a short essay and full-color images of the work.

Organized by Anna Stothart, Assistant Curator.

This exhibition contains material that may not be suitable for children. Parental discretion advised.