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In place of a First Friday’s virtual event in November, we are using this space leading up to the presidential election to focus and reflect on our roles in democracy. We hope this platform is a helpful resource for those who want to get involved, educate, inspire, and take care of yourselves + your communities. 


Plan your vote

Plan Your Vote
The ICA is proud to partner with @PlanYourVote, a 2020 artist initiative to promote and empower citizens to exercise their right to vote. Plan Your Vote brings together our creative community to offer all the voting resources you need to exercise your rights. Now, more than ever, it’s urgent to #PlanYourVote. 

Vote Save America 
When you wake up on the Wednesday after Election Day, you’ll want to know that you did everything in your power to deliver the future you want. Vote Save America is here to be your one-stop shop for all the information and tools you need to participate in 2020. 

Rock the Vote
Rock the Vote is drawing on decades of experience to deploy the most effective and impactful messages, tactics, and technology to uplift and empower the largest, most diverse generation in U.S. history. They do this while also pioneering innovative ways to make democratic participation more accessible and defending young people’s right to vote. 

10 Tips for avoiding voting problems 
Tips from the ACLU


For Massachusetts voters

Get Informed! Read up on the questions that will be on the 2020 ballot before you vote! Check out information for voters here.

Check out the FindLaw Massachusetts Voting Guide providing information on voter eligibility, registration, important deadlines, polling place details, and how to vote by mail in Massachusetts.

Do you want to confirm if you’re registered? Are you interested in volunteering to be a poll worker? Are you trying to vote early? The MA Secretary of State Elections Division is a one-stop shop for MA voting needs!  

Thinking of mailing your ballot? 13 questions about MA voting by mail


Get involved

Sign up to be a poll worker 
Help staff your local polling place and protect the vote.

Sign up to text bank 
Get trained here.

Act local
Check out region-specific ways to get involved in national and local campaigns. 

Write to voters 
Encourage voters across the country to register to vote and participate in our democracy through Vote Forward.   

Adopt a state
Help out in the states that will determine who wins in 2020. No matter where you live, you can directly support the work of organizers, volunteers, and candidates in the six key battleground states that will be most important to delivering a progressive majority in 2020. Adopt a state.

Support a presidential campaign, the senate or house races and just as importantly (or more!) your local races!  


Get inspired

Artists using stamps as resistance!  

15 artists producing original, wearable artworks to galvanize voters into action. Barbara Kruger, Juliana Huxtable, and Shepard Fairey are among those taking part in the “Artists Band Together” project, which has released a collection of designed bandanas via eBay.  

Project 270 has created amazing Get Out the Vote images, poster, billboards, and art geared specifically toward young voters. Check out all 52 state-specific posters!

100 influential women and why they are voting in the 2020 election! 

Celebrities getting creative to get out the vote. 

An Orwell-inspired billboard project considers the state of U.S. politics 



Voter registration deadlines by state
Still need to register? Find out if there’s still time!  

Register to vote online today!

Absentee voting for U.S. citizens who are currently out of the country