A survey of the innovative sculptural and installation work of Damián Ortega. In works that spin, dangle, sprawl and climb, Damián Ortega reveals his fascination with how everyday things—whether manmade or organic—are constructed, and his keen interest in the tools and elements that facilitate the process of construction, from pickaxes and pulleys to bricks to molecules. A former political cartoonist, Ortega infuses his sculptural work with an incisive wit, bringing the humorist’s eye to works in which materials are manipulated in surprising ways. His objects reflect the dynamism of the world around us in ways that we might otherwise overlook, subtly subverting conventional views of sculpture as permanent and monumental. This book, accompanying a major exhibition at the ICA, brings together work from 1996 to 2007, including sculpture, photography, and video, revealing the rich range of Ortega’s artistic activity.