ExposeYourMuseum LLC

Kate Livingston (she/her/they/them) is the founder and Principal at ExposeYourMuseum LLC, a consulting firm supporting arts and cultural organizations to better understand their internal climate and culture, current and prospective audiences, and role and potential in their communities. Kate has 15+ years of experience designing, developing, and executing professional research and evaluation and 10+ years of experience designing and implementing strategic, master, and interpretive plans. Her approach prioritizes making connections, facilitating conversations, elevating communities, engaging creatively, and strong, clear communication to inspire innovation, inform strategy, and drive decision-making. She combines audience research, organizational development, strategic facilitation, market and trend analysis, human-centered design, coaching, and capacity building to transform organizations. Kate is committed to inclusion, anti-racism, and social justice work, and these principles are central to her work alongside museums. From 2007-2013, Kate led the department of Audience Insights at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS).