In place of our annual Wikipedia Edit-a-thon event honoring Women’s History Month, we have created this digital space for people of all gender expressions to help close the information gap about gender, feminism, and the arts on the internet. Here, you’ll find resources to help you get started editing Wikipedia articles at your own pace. Let’s create a more inclusive presence on Wikipedia for female and nonbinary identifying artists!

— Sarah Hachey, Interpretive Media and Adult Education Coordinator


How to edit:

Disclaimer: this video was created for a virtual Edit-a-thon event the ICA hosted in October 2020. Some information discussed in the video may be specific to this event.  


Art+Feminism resources on editing

Editing basics, available in the following languages:

English Español François Português  

Advanced FAQ — Wikipedia Notability Guidelines

Artists pages to edit + create 

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The following artists we recommend adding to their pages, using the attached articles to help build information to their pages. This is just a starting place for research into these artists, we encourage you to conduct your own research as well, while being mindful of Wikipedia’s recommendations of credible sources to reference.

Simone Leigh

Rania Matar

Caitlin Keogh

Diane Simpson

Tschabalala Self 

Deana Lawson

The following artists have exhibited at the ICA in the past few years or are upcoming, and do not yet have pages on Wikipedia. If you feel confident to build out their page and create their presence on the website, we encourgae you to go for it!

Vivian Suter

Eva LeWitt

Dell M Hamilton


Further resources

A robust list of female artists missing from Wikipedia 

Women in Red and Art+Feminism have collaborated to create robust lists of artists.

Women in Red is a WikiProject addressing the current gender bias in Wikipedia content, the project being named after the hyperlinks in existing Wikipedia articles that display as red to show   that the article does not yet exist on the website.

Other upcoming art spaces hosting virtual Edit-a-thons 

MassArt Library and MassArt Art Museum

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
10:15 – 11:45 AM