TIME Magazine: Writing on the Wall. Graffiti Artists Os Gemeos Reimagine Urban Space (8/13/12)
With graffiti art, location is half the story. The Brazilian street artists known as Os Gemeos, or, in Portuguese, the Twins, began their career tagging buildings in São Paulo. Their latest commission takes them to Boston, where the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) is presenting their first U.S solo exhibition. article>>

Boston Globe: Varied lineup coming to the ICA (8/16/12)
The Institute of Contemporary Art is rolling out a varied, crossbred lineup of performance and film in the 2012-13 season. There’s a fluid resistance to categorization in many of the works on the roster. article>>

Boston Globe: Josiah McElheny's Expanding Universe (6/16/12)
Josiah McElheny, a man with a passion for physics and cosmology, may have gone where no contemporary artist has gone before: deep into the origins of the universe. article>>

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