On November 21st, the Fast Forward beginner film-making class traveled to East Boston to present their audio projects, Sounds of Home, to play on Zumix Radio 94.9 FM!

To get to Zumix, we left our home in the Boston Seaport, traveled by boat, and arrived on the shores of East Boston.

Although it was a long and arduous journey, the students of Fast Forward were able to manage themselves, and we all made it to Zumix.

    When we arrived, we were greeted by our friends who showed us around the studio, and introduced us to Ike. He’s a dog. 

 Ike is even instagram famous!

    The Fast Forward students entered the on air radio booth, confident and prepared to discuss their projects. We were hosted by Gabi and Davien, who are members of the Firehouse radio program at Zumix. 

The projects presented by Fast Forward ranged from interviews about movies to siblings screaming about video games, and even to parents asking why they were being recorded! The students were all quite proud of their work, and they answered many probing questions from our gracious hosts, and helped to make it a lively environment.

    Thank you Fast Forward and Zumix for coming together, and making this such a wonderful experience!

Also, follow Ike and Zumix on instagram @thoughtsofike and @zumixinc respectively.