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Hanging Pocket Hearts is inspired by Cornelia Parker’s artwork Hanging Fire (Suspected Arson), which represents the vulnerabilities of being human and the challenges of our time. Focus on hope and joy by creating one heart or a collection of hearts. Hang somewhere special to inspire you each day.

This activity is designed for children ages 5 and up and their grownups to work on together at home.​



(8.5” x 11” sheet)








String or yarn


Glue or tape


Drawing materials:
crayons, markers, paint, etc.



ART LAB_Play Date_Hanging-Pocket-Hearts_step01.png

Using a pencil and ruler, measure and cut your paper into a 4″ x 6″ rectangle. Save the rest of the paper for step 4.

ART LAB_Play Date_Hanging-Pocket-Hearts_step02.png
Fold the paper in half, bringing the long edges to meet.
Cut a semicircle at the top as shown.
Reopen the paper and lay it flat on your work surface.
ART LAB_Play Date_Hanging-Pocket-Hearts_step03.png
Fold the bottom edge of the paper up to the base of the semicircle. Take the bottom left corner and fold it to the center; do the same with the bottom right corner. Then fold the remaining strip down. Tuck the corners of the strip to the back side of the heart to secure the pocket.
Multicolored folded paper heart icon hanging on a string with "love" and "health" along it.


Decorate using drawing materials. On small pieces of paper, write or draw what you are thankful for or the emotions you are feeling. Tuck these into your heart or attach to the string. Glue or tape your heart to your string and hang it somewhere special!

TIPS: To make a precise heart pocket, fold slowly and thoughtfully. Use your fingernails or the edge of a pencil to firmly crease your folds. You can make smaller or larger heart pockets by keeping the same measurement ratio. Try working with a piece of paper that is 2” x 3” or 8” x 12”. 

This activity was created by Sergio Salicio-Lupiañez, Visitor Assistant.

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