With work by Arthur Jafa at ICA/Boston and an installation by Diana Thater inaugurating the Watershed in East Boston, a group of ICA Teens decided to link up with their neighbors at Zumix and dive into an exploration of interdisciplinary art. Using Jafa’s collage of music, sound, and image “Love is the Message, the Message is Death” and Thater’s work with light and space as jump-off-points, the group met for seven weeks in June, July and August to discuss and learn and work together on the question of pushing boundaries in art.

By trading hosting duties, Zumix and ICA teens got know each other and check out different learning and activity spaces. To aid our thinking, we made zines, black-out poems, and played improv games. The project culminated in a teen-led performance to reflect on the experience together, which was shared on August 3rd at a Zumix workshop graduation. 

Check out photos of our fun time, and join upcoming workshops for Teens @ the ICA and @ Zumix