On July 4th, the ICA will open its East Boston-located civic and art space, the Watershed, to the public. As part of the developing relationship between the museum and East Boston, the ICA Teens Digital Photography class was invited to take and submit photos of the area — and selections of their submissions will be exhibited in the community room of the Watershed!

To facilitate the project, we set up a field trip to the historic neighborhood. The attractive seaside environs of Piers Park, the industry and art on the wharf, and the liveliness of Maverick Square inspired eagerness and excitement — both from the large number of East Boston students and residents in the class, to whom the sites were familiar and meaningful, as well as those crossing the Harbor for the first time. As one student puts it: People, the beach, views. . . East Boston has it all. 

Check out students’ work below and learn more about our digital photography classes!