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This activity is ideal for ages 6+ and great for children and adults to work on together.

Inspired by Roni Horn’s artwork, Key and Cue, No. 288, we’re celebrating National Poetry Month and are inviting you to write an ode to someone you care about! An ode is a poem that praises someone and is one of the oldest types of poems that exist. Reflect on the person you choose, answer the questions, fill in the blanks, and deliver your completed poem to make your special person smile!

You will need:

  • A writing utensil
  • Paper or print out a copy of our template



Decide who you will write your ode to. Choose someone you love or care about, someone to cheer up today!


Icon of frame with question mark in it


Answer the questions below. Add your answers into the template to complete your ode.


Share your ode with your special person!  Take a photo to share it or read it aloud. You’re bound to make them smile!

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Questions to help write your ode:

  1. What is the name of the person you have chosen to write your ode about? (Nicknames are okay too!)
  2. What makes this person stand out in a crowd? Be specific.
  3. What is a phrase they always say?
  4. Write down a favorite moment shared with this person. “A time when we…”
  5. What is this person’s best quality? Think beyond physical traits, and focus on personality qualities. This should be a noun, like “kindness”, “excitement”, or “patience”.
  6. If you could go anywhere together, where would you go? Be specific.
  7. If you could do anything together, what would you do? This should be a verb, like “sunbathe” or “walk”.

Fill out your ode


This activity was created by Flolynda Jean, Education Assistant, and Brooke Scibelli, Family and Art Lab Programs Coordinator.