What object would you choose to represent you and your East Boston community? For this event, East Boston residents are invited to bring a small personal object of their choosing that they would like scanned, cataloged, and made publicly available as part of a developing East Boston Community Archive at Northeastern University Archives and Special Collections. (Note that objects should be small and compact enough to fit on the bed of a scanner.) Coordinated by Boston-area artist Anthony Romero and Giordana Mecagni of Northeastern University Library, and presented in conjunction with the forthcoming ICA exhibition When Home Won’t Let You Stay: Migration through Contemporary Art, this event hopes to provide a platform for folks to share the knowledge they hold about their community with others. Project partners Dan Jackson and Jules Rochielle Sievert of NuLawLab will also be present. Objects will be returned to owners after being scanned on site. Participating residents will also have the opportunity to have their photograph taken. Photographs will be made available to community members after the event.