Join us for a free, in-gallery performance by Dzidzor. Grounded in the tradition of the American South and the Ga-Dangbe and Ewe people of Ghana, Prayers, Proverbs, and Poems embodies the sacredness of the human and spiritual world. Through percussion, song, and poetry, Dzidzor invites her audience to participate in a ritual that honors the lessons and (re)membering of African indigenous languages, stories, proverbs, and ancestors. 

An homage to Napoleon Jones-Henderson’s shrine-like sculptures, the piece lifts up the exultation of the African American church through proverbs of African griots and songs from spirituals, gospels, and sacred festivals.

The ICA offers free admission on Thursday nights. Timed tickets will be released at 10 AM on Thursday, July 21, and will be required to attend the performance.