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Special Focus is a four-day intensive during Boston Public Schools’ April Break. In Special Focus, teens can expect to learn photography skills and how to use a DSLR camera. During this four-day intensive, teens will explore photography through the lens of portraiture: understanding what it means to create a strong portrait, how to utilize studio lighting to create portraits, and what techniques a photographer can use to capture “the essence” of another person. 

The program will lead teens through the basics of portraiture photography and working with equipment to build up to an event on Thursday, April 18 where Special Focus will host “ICA Picture Day.” 

Special Focus takes place April 16–19 at the ICA’s Seaport Studio. Special Focus Members will attend from 11 AM – 5 PM with a one hour long break. 

Teens earn $360 for completing the 20-hour program.

Applications for this program have closed.

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