All on-site programs and activities, including guided and self-guided group visits, are suspended until further notice in order to facilitate physical distancing and a safe on-site experience within the ICA. Learn more about updated health and safety protocol.

While our weekly public tours are suspended, download our Self-Guided Tour: Artist as Storyteller that includes questions to encourage closer looking, critical thinking, and conversation about select works on view.

Are you part of a University Member school planning to visit as a class? To support physical distancing, a limited number of visitors will be admitted per hour. Advance timed tickets are required to allow for contactless entry. Small groups of 8 or less are permitted, but each student and faculty member must fill out the ticket request form individually (1 form per person).


NEW! Virtual Visits 

K-12 Virtual Visits

These live, real-time online “visits” are led by an ICA educator over Zoom or the group’s preferred videoconferencing platform. During each Virtual Visit, students will engage in slow looking at artworks from the ICA’s collection, allowing them to be present in the moment, think critically, and hone their visual literacy. Thematic topics explore how contemporary artists question and make sense of the world. Virtual Visits are highly interactive, with opportunities for students to consider multiple perspectives through collaborative meaning-making using verbal and non-verbal responses. Students will reflect on their own place in the world with art-making, discussion, or other multimodal prompts. 

Virtual Visits are available for K-12 school and community groups Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM EST. Each visit lasts 40 minutes. Because of the interactive nature of Virtual Visits, we can only accommodate one class (30 students max) per session. At least one teacher or adult group leader must be present for each Virtual Visit. Please schedule at least 2 weeks in advance.  

Plan your Virtual Visit

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K-12 Virtual Visit Themes

Artist as Storyteller (grades K-6) 
How do artists tell stories? During this Virtual Visit, students will consider the narrative possibilities of work by contemporary artists including Njideka Akunyili Crosby and Sanya Kantarovsky. Students will also explore the literary elements character and setting while developing their own unique stories using ICA collection artworks to spark their imaginations. 

Materials needed: paper and a writing/drawing tool of choice. 

Sense of Self (grades 7-12)
How do artists represent ideas related to identity with their work? How do our own identities impact how we see and understand an artist’s work? During this Virtual Visit, students will look at work by ICA collection artists including Tschabalala SelfLorna Simpson, and Cindy Sherman. Students will reflect on the artists’ work through group discussion, writing, and drawing prompts. 

Materials needed: paper and a writing/drawing tool of choice. 

Power and Representation (grades 7-12) 
How do the concepts of power and representation influence contemporary artists? During this Virtual Visit, students will look at work by ICA collection artists including Nick CaveXaviera Simmons, and Nari Ward. Through close looking, group discussion, writing, and drawing prompts, students will consider how contemporary artists reflect on who holds power and who gets represented in art, museums, and beyond. 

Materials needed: paper and a writing/drawing tool of choice. 

K-12 Virtual Visit Rates

One class (30 students max): $100 
Each additional class: $50 
Boston Public Schools and Title I Schools: Free 

Payment is due on the day of your Virtual Visit. 

K-12 Virtual Visit FAQ

What videoconferencing platform is used for Virtual Visits? 
Virtual Visits can be hosted through the ICA’s Zoom account or through the school/group’s virtual videoconferencing platform of choice. Many K-12 teachers and group leaders prefer to host via their own virtual platform for security reasons or because of district requirements. In this case, the ICA educator must have the capability to screen share. 

What technology is required for Virtual Visits? 
A computer or mobile device with camera and microphone and access to the internet is required. A computer or tablet is ideal in order to best view images of artworks. Learn more about joining a Zoom meeting at  

If joining as a group from a single device, an internet-connected computer or web-enabled device connected to a projector, large monitor, or Smartboard is required. An external or built-in webcam positioned to see the group, and an external noise-cancelling conference microphone are also required.  

Is recording allowed? 
For the security and privacy of students and ICA educators, recordings of Virtual Visits are not permitted. 

Are students required to have their cameras on? 
Students are encouraged to have their cameras on during the Virtual Visit, but this is not a requirement.  

Can a test call be scheduled? 
Test calls are not required, but one may be scheduled if the teacher/group leader prefers. 

What happens if there is a technology failure? 
In the case of the host’s internet connection failure or other unforeseen technology issue that prevents the Virtual Visit from occurring, you will have the option to reschedule your Virtual Visit for a later date or receive a refund for any applicable payments. 

Is the ICA educator live from the ICA galleries during the Virtual Visit? 
No, Virtual Visits are not conducted live from the ICA galleries. The ICA educator will show hi-resolution photographs and details of artworks from the collection through screen share.   

Can two Virtual Visits be scheduled at the same time? 
We are only able to schedule one Virtual Visit at a time, but we are happy to work with you to schedule multiple Virtual Visits on the same day or during the same week. 

Can Virtual Visits be customized to include specific requests? 
At this time, we are not able to customize Virtual Visits to include specific artists or exhibitions. 

Are any supplies required? 
Students will be invited to write and/or draw as part of the Virtual Visit. Students should have some plain paper (any color/size will work, including scrap paper) and a writing or drawing tool of their choice (pencil/pen/marker/etc).

Do Virtual Visits include art making? 
The Artist as Storyteller, Sense of Self, and Power and Representation sessions include simple writing and drawing prompts. Additional Virtual Visit offerings will be available later this fall that will include more extensive art making. 

What role does the teacher/group leader play during the Virtual Visit? 
A teacher or adult group leader is required to be present during the Virtual Visit. Teachers can assist the ICA educator by encouraging participation, calling on students who raise their hands, and muting/unmuting as applicable. 

What accessibility accommodations are available? 
We can provide closed captioning or ASL interpretation with advance notice if hosting through the ICA’s Zoom account. Please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance if any of your participants require any accessibility accommodations. 

What is your payment policy? 
Any fees associated with your Virtual Visit are due on the day of your visit. You may pay with credit card through a secure online invoice included in your confirmation email or by check. 

What is your cancelation policy? 
If you need to cancel or reschedule your Virtual Visit, 48-hour notice is required. 

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Virtual Visits for Adult Groups 

More information about scheduling a Virtual Visit for your group will be available soon. Have a question or want to be contacted when more information about scheduling a Virtual Visit is available? Email us at