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Teen Digital Cooperative (TDC) is a summer program where teens develop their media production skills and explore specific themes and issues important to them and other teens. During the summer of 2023, TDC learned contemporary media production skills such as photography, video production, and design using photoshop to connect with the work of 3 Boston-based artists that were awarded the2023 James and Audrey Foster Prize.

TDC explored the ideas of “Home” and “Transformation” after learning about the collective work of Cicely Carew, Venetia Dale, and Yu-Wen Wu. This zine includes responses to the artists’ work from TDC members, as well as original poetry, photography, design, and videos. During their time in TDC, they compiled this work and collaborated with one another to create this digital zine.


All of the content is representative of the individual TDC members and not a representation of the ICA.

On January 27 through 29, 2023, the ICA held a virtual convening for alumni for teen arts education programs across the country and beyond. More than 50 alums came together online for 3 days to connect with past friends, build communities and networks, make art, & more. A planning committee made of alums from the ICA’s teen programs created this event and contributed to this publication, as did Alumni Relations Assistants Layor and Max. 

Alumni Convening Publication.pdf

Welcome future partner organizations! Teen Exhibitions Program has put together this page to facilitate the process of selecting organizations to partner with for us for future exhibitions! 

We are doing a call to Boston-based organizations that work with teens. Teen Exhibitions Program (TEP) runs a Teen Gallery! We want to work with a partner to exhibit teen artwork. The exhibition opening is January 27, 2023. The Exhibition will be open January 31, 2023- May 5, 2023. 


We are a group of teens of various backgrounds from all over the greater Boston area. We come together every Friday to learn about planning, curating, organizing and installing art, here at the ICA Seaport Studio in the Teen Gallery. TEP focuses on highlighting the artistic voices of Boston teens in a gallery setting that is made for teens and created by teens.

This space is 100% run by Teen Exhibitions Program. We work with creative teens to give their art a platform. If you are chosen as a partner organization we will be exhibiting your students’ artworks in the Teen Gallery! Below are images of the space. 


Creative constraints for who can apply. 

  • Boston-based organizations that are currently work with teens 
  • All artists exhibiting must be teens creating, 2D, 3D, or digital works 
  • ICA Teen Programs will cover all costs for exhibition including:
    • Printing 
    • Framing 
    • Installation
    • Exhibition opening
  • TEP will organize the opening 
  • Bi-monthly check ins between educators from your organization and ours 
  • All artworks must be completed and handed off by December 15th to be installed 
  • 3 exchanges between teens and educators from both groups
    • Exchange 1: Meet & greet  (Mid-October) 
    • Exchange 2: Artist interviews & context for artwork (Early-December)
    • Exchange 3: Preparing for the opening (Early-January) 

If your organization has a proposal for us we are excited to receive one from you that will provide us with details about your organization, students, and ideas for a future exhibition. Applications are DUE: OCTOBER 1, 2023


  • Proposals are DUE OCTOBER 1, 2023
  • TEP will select top 2 proposals and select a finalist once they meet with each of those groups 
  • All applicants will hear back from us by November 1, 2023


Check out our last opening HERE

Text by TEP Alumni Fei-Fei A. 

A Zine by Teen Arts Council

Get creative with us! Find a comfy space to make art through prompts that invite rest and calm.


What is a Zine? 

A zine is a mini-magazine. This one is full of activities that invite rest and art we hope inspires you.

How do you use this Zine?

We welcome you to explore your creative side, and flip through the pages, like a magazine. We created this zine so that you can find calm and relaxation while using it. We invite you to channel your creative energy as you go through this zine and make art with us.

Who are we?

We are the Teen Arts Council at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. We plan events that bring together teens in Boston and beyond.

Why should I use this Zine?

These pages were curated and hand made by the Teen Arts Council to provide you space for calm and creative energy. We’ve included art, games, a playlist, a booklist, and ideas for restful activities. Find a space that makes you feel relaxed, grab some art supplies and enjoy!

Listen to This When___  you are making in the zine. Playlist created by TAC Member Rosaylin B. 

We searched the galleries and found our favorite works on view. Check them out below!

We are members of the ICA’s Teen Arts Council, a group of 15 teens from the Boston area that serve other teens. We focus on addressing social issues and connecting teens and the ICA and with art in general. We feel that art is a form of expression as well as a tool for activism.

We created this art kit for you. We want to inspire you to create your world, to experience acts of creativity, to make each day an opportunity for expression, to do something for yourself.

This is for you. Complete one page. Do them all. Use only the blank space at the end. Tear out a page to make something else. Experiment. Use it however you want

It’s for you, but if you feel like sharing, tag us @icateens or use #icateens.

– Jenisha, Mintou, Roselle, & Scania


 If you could use a meditation to help you enter this new year and have four minutes, try out this Memory Meditation. I originally recorded it for a gathering of ICA Educators and Teaching Artists and thought you all might enjoy it too.

Given the election and all the things going on in the world- I, Nohemi, have been spending time with myself these past few days. I wanted to share a mindfulness breathing and writing activity that Mithsuca B. (AWC Teaching Assistant) and I co-created. You can find it below. If you find yourself feeling unbalanced, unsettled, or in need of a moment with yourself I encourage you to try it out. 

Mindfulness and Writing Exercise.pdf

While the ICA is temporarily closed, stay creative and connected with us.

Make an object seem like it has human parts. Snap a photo. Find inspiration in the first photograph, by Laurie Simmons from her The Walking Series. Learn more about it and her. The second photo is an example by Betsy, Director of Teen Programs.

To share, email to and/or tag is @icateens on Instagram.

While the ICA is temporarily closed, stay creative and connected with us.

Create an alter ego that highlights an aspect of society you’d like to change. Design a costume for this persona using materials in your space. Find inspiration in these photos of Lorraine O’Grady’s first public performance Mlle Bourgeoisie NoireLearn more about it and her.

To share, email them to and/or tag us @icateens on Instagram.

While the ICA is temporarily closed, stay creative and connected with us.

Get inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s infinity room LOVE IS CALLING (1st image). Find or create the largest infinity in the smallest space. Snap a photo. 

To share, email them to and/or tag us @icateens on Instagram.

(Examples by Betsy, Director of Teen Programs, featuring a hat by amazing alum Ren enhanced with polka dots by Betsy)