As we begin a new year, let’s explore ways to creatively imagine our futures. How do you see our future world? How can we build it together? Dive into the artworks featured in i’m yours: Encounters with Art in Our Times, an exhibition organized in the midst of the pandemic and social unrest. Let’s unite and build a brighter tomorrow. This month we welcome back theatre and play experts The Gottabees, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with ICA Teen Arts Council members!

Participants must supply their own materials.

Advanced registration required. Registration will close on Thu, Jan 28 at 5 PM.

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Live program schedule

Little Play Date 
For kids ages 5 and under + their grownups 

All Dressed Up! with The Gottabees
10 – 10:45 AM EST

Join Bonnie Duncan of The Gottabees as we ZOOM through the contents of our closets! You’ll never look at your closet the same way after we transform everyday items into characters, emotions, and even peek into our futures. So, put on your creativity hat and get ready to dive into a world of imagination!

Play Date After School 
For kids of all ages + their grownups 

Reimagining Public Monuments with ICA Teen Arts Council
3:30 – 4:15 PM EST

Take a deeper dive into the ICA Teens-created activity Reimagining Public Monuments. During this live workshop, learn from and create with members of the ICA Teen Arts Council to design and create your own monuments. Who and what do you want to see represented in public monuments? Dream and design your own 3D sculptures with found and recycled materials during this workshop, designed by teens for kids!


  • Scissors  
  • Tape or glue 
  • Multiple pieces of paper and/ or cardboard 
  • Drawing materials of choice (crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.) 
  • For your sculpture base:  
  • A small cardboard box, an empty egg carton, or other recycled material that can support your sculpture. 


  • Recycled materials like an empty milk bottle, extra cardboard, plastic bags, etc. 
  • Embellishing materials like yarn, feathers, sequins, stickers, or whatever you have around that you want to decorate with! 
  • Any other art materials you enjoy working with and have around! 

All Dressed Up! with The Gottabees
4:30 – 5:15 PM EST

Join Bonnie Duncan of The Gottabees as we ZOOM through the contents of our closets! You’ll never look at your closet the same way after we transform everyday items into characters, emotions, and even peek into our futures. So, put on your creativity hat and get ready to dive into a world of imagination!

Self-Serve Activities

On your own time, download new hands-on artmaking activities and dive deeper into self-discovery and artmaking with household materials. This month’s activities will be available beginning on Jan 29.


Artist Bios

A red-headed woman surrounded by stuff dolls.

Photo by Liz Linder

The Gottabees are a Boston-based ensemble who have been happily making “super fun theater for the whole family” for the past seven years. They have performed for audiences across the region, throughout the U.S., and beyond. You may recognize them from their shows: Squirrel Stole My Underpants, Lollipops for Breakfast, and Go Home Tiny Monster. The Gottabees’ mission is to inspire community, connection, and joy by providing an outlet for families to giggle, gasp, sigh, and cheer together. The Gottabees want children (and adults!) to know in their hearts that they, too, can make theater wherever they are and whomever they are.

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