Beyond Infinity: Contemporary Art after Kusama will provide visitors with a deeper understanding of how the immersive environment of Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Room LOVE IS CALLING embodies the artist’s longstanding exploration of accumulation, repetition, luminescence, life and death, and happenings. The 14th iteration of the ICA’s annual collection exhibition, Beyond Infinity will feature approximately 15 works from the 1950s to today, encompassing sculpture, painting, film, photography, and drawings. The exhibition will focus on Kusama’s legacy in three key areas—repetition, the self, and the kaleidoscopic. Works featuring Kusama’s obsessive repetition of symbols, patterns, and forms will be paired with works by contemporaries such as Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse, and Ana Mendieta, as well as current practitioners such as Nick Cave, Tara Donovan, Jimmy DeSana, Josh Faught, Ellen Gallagher, and Josiah McElheny, whose work reflects the legacy of post-minimalism, performance art, and pop art. 

Members get a first look September 19 – 22, 2019. Save your spot